Anchorage Officially Re-Opened Post Hurricane Michael

Anchorage Executive Director, Joel Booth, Barbara Cloud, Anchorage Co-founder and former Florida Network Board President, and Stacy Gromatski, Florida Network President & CEO on the official Anchorage Children’s Home Grand Reopening Day on March 8, 2019
We are beyond ecstatic over the reopening of Anchorage Children’s Home!
On March 8, 2019, just four months after Hurricane Michael, Anchorage has officially reopened their doors as a fully operating youth shelter once again! Such dedication to our youth and our work shows the true nature of the heart of Anchorage– an anchor. Executive Director, Joel Booth’s swift leadership alongside staff who have been working day in and day out, have proven their namesake as an anchor for the youth we serve who during this time of need.
Although the road to recovery has not reached an end for the entire Panama City community, we are thankful that Anchorage will be a resource to so many in need of services.
Click here to watch the interview with Joel and Development Director, Brooke Bullard.
Feb. 27, 2019- The Florida Network team visited Anchorage for a soft reopening during their rebuild process.