The Florida Network Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony is one of my favorite events of the year. I love seeing so many of our Network family members in one room celebrating the accomplishments of the last year while also discussing the policy and changes that will impact youth in the future. This year, I was fortunate to participate in the Florida Network Annual Award selection process. The committee read over 50 nomination forms, some brought us to tears, some made us laugh, but all of the nominations highlighted the incredible people that make up the Florida Network.

Last year, our Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony included our 40th Anniversary celebration. We were so fortunate to commemorate that incredible milestone and while reading the award nominations this year, our 41st year as the Florida Network, it was clear to me why the Network has continued to thrive over the last four decades. It is the dedicated and passionate staff who come to work every day ready to make a difference in the life of a child or family in crisis. We know that the needs of youth are constantly evolving but the Network is always prepared for the task of supporting youth through stressful events like hurricanes, challenging family relationships, emotional hardship, or the often scary transition into adulthood.  I am looking forward to our event later this month in Amelia Island and celebrating the people and programs that make sure #TheNetworkWorks!