June Member of the Month: Bethel Community Foundation

The Florida Network of Youth and Family Services is excited to recognize Bethel Community Foundation (BCF) as our Member of the Month. Recently awarded Agency of the Year at our 2015 Annual Meeting Awards Luncheon, BCF provides consistent and steadfast services to their community through their Truancy Intervention Program Services.

BCF provides life skills classes to families and youth in need of guidance and education on various topics. The classes include anger management, female life skills, manhood development and parent/youth family training. Open Monday through Friday, the staff seeks to provide mentoring, parent coaching and counseling to youth ages 10-17 struggling with drug, alcohol, school or family issues. The organization also offers evening appointments as they try to accommodate as many community members as possible.

One of BCF’s largest agenda items during the last year was pushing a bill expanding civil citation as an alternative to arrests for juvenile offenders. The bill was one of 200 to make it to Gov. Scott’s desk through Executive Director James Myles’ persistent visits to the Capitol throughout the spring.

Myles fearlessly spearheads the organization as they work with a sense of urgency. Leading with conviction and passion, Myles completely understands the consequences of failing to connect with the hardest to reach young people in communities. BCF is aware that their work can determine life or death for children who are left out of our nation’s collective dream that all young people deserve and receive the support they need to thrive and prosper as adults. This organization is a good friend and partner to all of the Florida Network agencies that operate in their community, and they always provide an enlightened perspective on whatever challenges we face as a network family.