Program Services Director John Robertson Selected for Supporting LGBTQ Youth Certificate Program

The Florida Network would like to congratulate our Program Services Director John Robertson on being selected to attend Georgetown University’s 2017 Supporting LGBTQ Youth Certificate Program on October 17-20!  An 18-year veteran of the children and family services field, Robertson says that this advocacy for LGBTQ youth has grown with his career.

“All youth in care suffer from systemic disenfranchisement, none more so than LGBTQ youth,” he said in his application to the program. “I believe that if we can correct injustices against these youth we will by default correct many injustices for all youth.”

Robertson graduated with a BA in English from Florida State University in 1993, and in 2002 he graduated with his MS in Inter-disciplinary Social Science. During the years between his educational endeavors, his passion for helping at-risk youth flourished as he worked with CCYS and Someplace Else Youth Shelter as a Life Skills Educator and then a Shelter Manager. After his graduation, he worked with Southeastern Network of Youth and Family Services specializing in Advancing Youth Development. Now Director of Program Services for Florida Network of Youth and Family Services, Robertson supervises many aspects of the Network contract with member agencies like the Quality Improvement process and training while serving as a resource for program development and policy.

The Florida Network is excited to see the amazing opportunities to assist LGBTQ youth that this course will provide for him in his continuing youth and family services career!