Stories Under the Roof – Doris Gillette

Of the 2,000 names listed on the Florida Network’s Wall of Gratitude, each person plays an essential role in helping families during their darkest times. In this series, “Stories Under the Roof”, we will introduce you to some of these remarkable professionals and the stories that motivate them to show up and make a positive difference in the lives of Florida’s youth and families each and every day. Today, we would like to introduce you to Doris Gillette, the Youth Care Specialist and Intake Coordinator for Hillsborough County Children’s Services.

Has the pandemic changed your perspective on your work? 

My perspective has changed a little because before the pandemic it was easy to complete a screening and bring the family in. Now a lot of things are more hands-off, so finding the right referral that can help a family through a crisis without them necessarily coming to shelter has posed a challenge. However, services and referrals are always put in place before the conversation ends.

What do you want to tell the general public about the work you do? 

I complete the intakes for families and youths who are in crisis and need intervention (runaway, truant, ungovernable youth). I also communicate with and assist law enforcement, The Department of Juvenile Justice and The Florida Network with any information they may need as well as data entry services.

What is keeping you motivated? 

I am motivated by the thought that I get to come in every day and be an asset to a wonderful organization, my co-workers, and the families we serve.

What are you most looking forward to when this is over? 

I look forward to taking a vacation when the world goes back to our “new” normal and visiting my parents,
nieces, nephews, and friends.


The Network is so grateful for people like Doris who go above and beyond for each and every family they serve. We really appreciate all of her hard work, dedication and sacrifice for Florida’s youth.