Stories Under the Roof – Pearl Tillery

Of the 2,000 names listed on the Florida Network’s Wall of Gratitude, each person plays an essential role in helping families during their darkest times. In this series, “Stories Under the Roof”, we will introduce you to some of these remarkable professionals and the stories that motivate them to show up and make a positive difference in the lives of Florida’s youth and families each and every day. Today, we would like to introduce you to Pearl Tillery, who has spent the last two years as a Youth Development Specialist at the Youth & Family Alternatives RAP House.

Has the pandemic changed your perspective on your work?

I feel as if my job has become more important and essential than it was before this pandemic. The pandemic has made a huge impact on the amount of homeless children who have nowhere to go. I want to let everyone know that RAP House is a safe place for children who are facing homelessness at this time.

What do you want to tell the general public about the work you do?

Our staff continues to show up every day throughout this pandemic and act as a calming and motivating source for our youth. The children have been amazing and patient during this chaos. We have all been learning and trying new things while still practicing social distancing.

What is keeping you motivated?

My motivation would be the children we serve as well as my fellow staff members.

What are you most looking forward to when this is over?

Once this pandemic is over, we are all looking forward to celebrating with a nice outing to reward our children for how well they handled a situation no one could have imagined.


The Network is so thankful for those like Pearl who remain committed to providing better lives for Florida’s youth, especially during these difficult times. We deeply appreciate her drive, hard work and passion for serving her community!