May 6th is National Nurses Day!

In celebration of National Nurses Day, we would like to spotlight Desiree Gimse from the Florida Keys Children’s Shelter!

Desiree has been with the Florida Keys Children’s Shelter since December 2015 and she has been an invaluable presence in the shelter. Her colleagues describe her as “the epitome of a team player.” FKCS Residential Counselor, Mercedes Williams says an example of Desiree’s willingness to help was her volunteering to facilitate daily groups. “Using her expertise, Desiree met with our youth every Thursday to teach, listen to, and encourage them about topics related to health/medical matters. The kids really enjoyed themselves and took in a great deal of information.”

Even in times of crisis, Desiree has been there for youth and staff. Bill Mann and Ben Kemmer, Co-Chief Executive Officers say: “Her extensive experience and expertise has shown why funding for nurses is so important to our program. She has responded quickly and professionally in every situation that arises, especially in very difficult situations that she has helped all staff work through.”

Desiree Gimse is an asset to the Florida Keys Children’s Shelter, “besides being a dedicated, dependable, professional; her fun-loving nature and quick wit make her a pleasure to be around for everyone in her company.”

The Florida Network and our member agencies are grateful to have 31 nurses working in our youth shelters. We would like to thank all of them for their service and for all they do to make sure the #TheNetworkWorks.