Florida Network programs are versatile to respond to a family’s needs in real time, with the right intervention. Continue reading for a brief description of each option:

CINS/FINS – Named for the legislation supporting it, the Child in Need of Services, Family in Need of Services program offers temporary emergency shelter to youth ages 10-17, and counseling for the individual, the family, or a group. The child may be out of control at home, running away, homeless, or not going to school.

Stop Now and Plan – SNAP® – The gender-sensitive SNAP programs are designed for children ages 6–11 who have difficulty with emotional regulation and self-control and are engaging in disruptive behavior such as aggression, rule-breaking, bullying, or trouble with authority figures. Experienced and highly-trained staff work with each family to assess challenges and problems and develop an action plan. Boys and girls and their caregivers attend gender-specific weekly group sessions for 13 weeks. The primary goal of SNAP is to help children to stop and think before they act and empower them for improved family relationships, positive social interactions and success in school. Free childcare for siblings and a meal are provided each week. A variety of topics are addressed such as managing angry thoughts and feelings, learning self-control and problem-solving.

Domestic Violence Respite – This program serves as an alternative to secure detention for youth who are arrested and charged with a domestic violence offense on a household member. Youth can reside in shelter for up to 21 days while working on issues that contribute to family violence. These services are provided in a manner which shall give them a greater chance for lasting success when re-integrated to the home and community.

Probation Respite – This program provides up to 30 days of respite to youth who are at-risk of violating their probation. Through this intervention, youth are encouraged to make positive choices and improve their family relationships through the support of therapeutic staff.

Family Youth Respite Aftercare (FYRAC) – Family Youth Respite Aftercare (FYRAC) Services are individual and family counseling services designed to serve youth who qualify for Respite services in the community setting. The goal of this program is to work with the youth and family to address the pattern of behavior that has led the youth to make unhealthy decisions that resulted in a delinquency referral.

Intensive Case Management – This program is designed for children and youth for whose service needs are greater than those offered in traditional CINS/FINS services. Intensive Case Management provides longer term (6-9 months) support. Families are referred for services through a court order or by the Case Staffing Committee within their judicial circuit. Case managers work closely with the family on a weekly basis to provide support and implement solutions using a strength-based approach.