The Florida Network is proud to highlight Nehemiah Educational and Economic Development, Inc. (NEED) as our September Member of the Month!

Founded in 2000, NEED serves the Orange County area through medical case management, housing and transportation services and programs specifically designed to assist those at-risk socially and physically. With a special focus on youth and elderly members of the community, NEED, Inc. teaches valuable self-sufficiency skills and provides resources to help those at-risk overcome difficult situations.

NEED was recently recognized at the 2016 Florida Network Annual Meeting as an Agency of the Year. They have provided diverse programming and services to those in their community and created strategic partnerships with other agencies to form a strong and cohesive collaboration for the youth in the area. Their exceptional service and tireless dedication to fulfilling their mission has not gone unnoticed by those in Orange County or by the Florida Network. We are proud of NEED for ending its first year with excellent deliverables and outcomes and look forward to seeing what incredible work they will continue to do!

For more information on NEED and a complete list of Florida Network member agencies and shelters, view our 2015-2016 CINS/FINS Providers list.