Stories Under the Roof – Valencia Milord

Of the 2,000 names listed on the Florida Network’s Wall of Gratitude, each person plays an essential role in helping families during their darkest times. In this series, “Stories Under the Roof”, we will introduce you to some of these remarkable professionals and the stories that motivate them to show up and make a positive difference in the lives of Florida’s youth and families each and every day. Today, we would like to introduce you to Valencia Milord from Mount Bethel Human Services.


Has the pandemic changed your perspective on your work?

I’ve learned that creativity is necessary to continue working in human relations. One of our families that I am serving in the CINS/FINS program during these extreme circumstances is currently facing several challenges. The single mother of this family of four is having difficulties paying rent due to COVID-19. Her job has reduced her hours down to only working part time, which is definitely a struggle. In addition, two of her immediate family members have been confirmed with having COVID-19. The mother’s sister was admitted to the hospital as well as her mother. Thankfully, the sister is now improving, was released back home and is now quarantining. Her mother is now being discharged from the ICU and will be quarantining at her home as well. The family that I am serving has not been around those family members that tested positive for Coronavirus. The family stated that it has been hard for the kids not to see their loved ones. In addition to case management and mentoring, we have begun referring emotional assistance services for the family. We recently referred the family to the Success Center, to help assist the family with the financial hardship reported. The mother will continue to update me when updates are available.

What do you want to tell the general public about the work you do?

It is very important to capture time sensitive data to ensure necessary services are provided in the community. I am the Prevention Program Director for CINS / FINS and FYRAC Programs at Mount Bethel Human Services Corporation. I believe that our community needs Mount Bethel Human Services now more than ever because we provide a variety of vital services that our community needs during this COVID-19 pandemic. Our job is to help families that are in need, which at this time may involve assistance with any of the following areas: ungovernable, runaway or homeless youth. Families might also need assistance with school issues, tutoring, linking families with mentoring and therapeutic services, providing a food pantry to those who are in need of food, and connecting families to financial and housing services within the community.

What is keeping you motivated?

Community efforts and their expression of gratitude. The services MBHSC offers are so necessary during these times and we are striving to provide help, hope and healing to those that need it most!

What are you most looking forward to when this is over?

Less shared anxiety.


The Network is so grateful for Valencia and her willingness to go above and beyond for the families she serves. People with her dedication are the reason that the Network can impact so many lives!