Virtual Annual Meeting Week- Day 3!

Our SNAP team members work above and beyond to support the SNAP mission and improve the lives of children and families across the state. Their passion and perseverance are completely unwavering!

Hear from some of our own passionate members talk about what SNAP and the work they do means to them.


“I worked with a family whose son REALLY loved SNAP. I apologized to him during a phone session since I know he wasn’t getting the full experience. He said, ‘I’m just glad I get to do SNAP at all!” When he successfully finished SNAP he said he was a little sad because he loved it so much that he said, “I’m excited I finished, but sad because I don’t want it to be over!'”

“I worked with another family where the mom said she and dad (whom are divorced) were able to work out an effective, and agreed upon discipline and reward system by using SNAP. She said it has helped make co-parenting much easier for everyone!”

“Having been with SNAP since the beginning, I must say this year was a true test. With all the hurdles and obstacles, the SNAP model is very much proven. Being able to utilize the skills and techniques we provide our families, for myself, has led me to many successes.”- Sterling Hurst
SNAP® Program Supervisor YCC

“Every day is a new beginning, take a deep breath, smile and start again”- Traci Mayfielf, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office

“SNAP Will Keep you from Snapping.”- Cubit Malone, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office

“I remember the time where I said, ‘I don’t want to work with kids, I’ll stick to the medical side of social work.’ Flash forward to this year when I spent two snap in schools celebration weeks on the verge of tears hearing the progress my kids have made.”

“I was terrified when I heard that I had 13 weeks to teach 68 kids how to regulate their emotions, lower the rate of school threats, build a bond and get them excited to talk about their feelings. This year all 68 of them “graduated” the Orange County Snap in schools program and I couldn’t have been more proud.”

“We started off with a good amount of them crying during SNAP because they were terrified to talk about emotions- to today where they are excited to work through them. These kids tackled subjects like bullying, body cues, sportsmanship, apologizing, anger, and etc., with all the courage that they had. The joy (accompanied by exhaustion) these kids bring into my life is unmeasurable. Bring it on 2020 school year!”- Chandler Thompson, MSW SNAP Senior Counselor Orange County Family Counseling/SNAP