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2,500 miles. 30 youth shelters.1 former shelter resident.

Small pebbles make big ripples.

It took many small acts of kindness and support to help Noah Ehlert transcend a difficult childhood and become the man he is today, but he credits two things above all else, the caring people at a runaway shelter, and a bicycle gifted to him by a friend’s mom.

He is uniting those two things in the Discover Your Path Tour, a cross-country ride to visit as many shelters and youth programs as he can to share one message with as many children as possible: your dreams are out there waiting for you to find them.

Follow Noah on his journey beginning February 1 in San Diego, and ending in St. Petersburg, FL at the very same shelter he entered as a nervous 11-year old runaway, Family Resources Inc.

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What does your contribution provide?

$10 – snacks for a day’s ride
$25 – one day’s hydration
$50 – one replacement bicycle tire
$100 – one night’s room and board
$250 – a special thanks in the documentary
$500 – a personal shout out from Noah’s on the road video
$1,000 – a personal shout out from the road, special thanks in the documentary, AND a signed copy of Discover Your Path Tour photobook

Personal Info

Donation Total: $10.00


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